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The boiler showed an error code of 10 with a red light. I reset the boiler and attempted to start it again. The boiler lit for about 30 seconds. Then same error again. I reset again. It would not light. It lit for 20 seconds. There is gas as im using it for cooking. So i dont think its anything to do with water pressure.

I can hear the normal clicking noise when it attempts to start. Everything seems to be working as normal but no ignition.

Could the leaking water from the condensate trap have damaged it? The boiler itself is 12 months old. Hasnt been serviced yet. Any help would be appreciated. Then went off again. Tried it this morning. Same error code and red light. The water pressure is at.


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Its worked before at. Check the book and see what error 10 stands for.

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Took the cover off for a look, but couldn't see any valve for water intake, and don't have the tools to go messing about either probably a good thing! It's usually at 0.

Anyway, fault codes on page 28 of the manual linked above. Haven't a clue about boilers tbh. I am not to be held responsible for anything done using the information provided in this video. XR and Bio are extremely unstable and bots can be unresponsive and is too reliant on the Infected's registry. Carb0n Crypter v1. Screenshot: i Fly Crypter v2. Remember just download and open and you're new host Booter is.

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