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Next Previous. A report in the Times of India said that many new devices have appeared on the horizon which make spying on phone calls even easier and manage to keep the telecom companies out of the loop. The report says that a company called Trident Infosol provided a page brochure to law enforcement agencies in the country listing eight different gadgets which can be used to tap phones and emails.

There are also apps available online on a payment ranging from Rs 2, to Rs 20, which just need to be installed in a phone that one wants to tap. When it comes to the government and authorities resorting to phone-tapping, however, the process is much more difficult to detect. According to the rules, the government can ask a telephone operator to help them track phones by providing the agencies with relevant coordinates and technical know-how that can be used to snoop on live conversations.

A piece in the Economic Times describes how a legal-tapping would look like:. There are one or two AC-sized servers, or recording instruments, tied with cables provided by telecom service providers. The entry to the room is restricted except for designated officials who need to use biometrics before entering. Equipment is imported and settings customised by original equipment manufacturers OEMs who get the contract. Cost of a server that records the conversation is Rs lakh. Once the call is detected, the device hooks on to the number and continues to track and record calls made or received.

House of Representatives held hearings on the legality of wiretapping for national defense. The actions of the government regarding wiretapping for the purpose of national defense in the current war on terror have drawn considerable attention and criticism.

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In the World War II era, the public was also aware of the controversy over the question of the constitutionality and legality of wiretapping. Furthermore, the public was concerned with the decisions that the legislative and judicial branches of the government were making regarding wiretapping.

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United States. This was in response to findings from the Watergate break-in, which allegedly uncovered a history of presidential operations that had used surveillance on domestic and foreign political organizations. In President George W.

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Bush expanded the surveillance of internet traffic to and from the U. In the Greek telephone tapping case — more than mobile phone numbers belonging mostly to members of the Greek government, including the Prime Minister of Greece , and top-ranking civil servants were found to have been illegally tapped for a period of at least one year.

The Greek government concluded this had been done by a foreign intelligence agency, for security reasons related to the Olympic Games , by unlawfully activating the lawful interception subsystem of the Vodafone Greece mobile network. An Italian tapping case which surfaced in November revealed significant manipulation of the news at the national television company RAI. The circuit provides direct access to all content and all information concerning the origin and termination of telephone calls placed on the Verizon Wireless network as well as the actual content of calls, according to the filing.

The most recent case of U. It aroused much controversy after then President George W. The President claimed his authorization was consistent with other federal statutes AUMF and other provisions of the Constitution, it was necessary to keep America safe from terrorism and could lead to the capture of notorious terrorists responsible for the September 11 attacks in FISA distinguishes between U. Wired communications within the United States are protected, since intercepting them requires a warrant.

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